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Founded in Bournemouth and Poole, we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing expert computer security services across the UK.

We know that to describe ourselves as being "passionate" about the product we provide is generally considered cliché, but we really do care deeply about ensuring that the keys to your information remain securely in your hands.

Half of all small businesses are the victims of cyber attacks each year, and with the costs of data breaches as high as they are, can you afford to leave the security of your data up to chance?

Featured Services:

Online Privacy Checkup

Many of us use the internet for a wide range of activities, from professional to personal. It's essential to keep those activities separate to avoid vulnerability to professional embarrassment or blackmail.

Encrypted Communications

Don't make life easy for snoopers. Use end to end encryption to protect the confidentiality of your messages.

Secure Operating Systems

Do you lean toward the cautious end of the convenience vs security spectrum?

Stop malicious actors in their tracks with a hardened Linux based operating system which has been proven by GCHQ to be more secure than Windows.

Case Study

Robert worked in a profession where public reputation is important, and any leak of embarrassing information would have negatively impacted his career. Because of his professional requirement for privacy, he had already been taking steps to safeguard his privacy online like opting out of data sharing and choosing stricter privacy settings on websites, although those efforts were somewhat uncoordinated.

Robert shared his concerns with a trusted colleague and they recommended our services having worked with us in the past. Following some research, Robert got in touch with us to arrange a meeting where we discussed his concerns, talked about his current system and got a sense of his level of computer competency, which was fairly high. Robert felt quite comfortable with learning new technologies if required.

Considering the potentially very high cost of a breach of his information confidentiality, we decided together to implement several changes to the way Robert used communications technology and how he stored data. We reinstalled Robert’s Windows Operating System and put all his work based files back on it, and that OS is now solely used for business work so it never gets mixed with his personal life.

On a separate storage drive in the PC (Robert had a tower type PC which could hold multiple drives) we installed a Linux operating system with LUKS disk encryption so that the contents would be inaccessible to anybody who might steal the machine. Using our guidance Robert created an extremely strong passphrase for the disk encryption which he understood he should never reuse for other services.

Other steps we took included:

  • We created encrypted volumes on external drives and taught Robert how to use them for backups. Robert chose a volume passphrase of similar strength to his full disk encryption passphrase and because he's the only person who knows the password, it's safe for him to leave a copy of the data offsite in case of a local event like fire or flooding.
  • Installed open source software for Robert to complete all of his personal tasks on and made sure that the software wouldn't send information about how it was used over the internet using a whitelist firewall.
  • We installed encrypted communications software for Robert to use, replacing Skype which Robert deemed too high a risk to continue using, due to the possibility of his account becoming compromised one day.

When Robert wants to do business work he can now log into the Windows part of the PC as per normal, but he can alternately select the Linux drive when booting up the computer for personal tasks which are now completely separated from his real identity.

Posted with permission. The client name has been changed to preserve their privacy.