Security for Computer Novices

"How do I keep my computer secure if I know nothing about computers?"

We know what it's like for new computer users. Every time a popup appears you probably won't know where it's coming from and what the implications are of clicking on the various options.

Unfortunately, computers are generally not designed to protect the privacy of novice users. At the best, companies assume that users are able to use the tools they offer to manage privacy settings. At their worst, they present the option to share far too much information as if it were the default choice. This tactic leads inexperienced users to sharing more information than they might expect, or even purchasing services they don't need.

In this situation, it might be worth acting cautiously with the computer, not entering any information into it that you can't afford to have made public. This is a sensible choice at least until you know which programs safeguard your privacy and which ones share your information with the world.

This way, even if you do accidentally share some of your computer information publicly over the internet, that information leak won't cause you embarrassment or financial loss because you never entered that kind of information into your computer.

Do you offer tuition?

We do! However, if what you need is beginner level computer tuition then it might be more cost effective for you to use other free local services. These are often provided by public libraries, and some banks offer free computer lessons to their customers. If you need help finding these feel free to send us a message, and we'll be happy to point you towards some free support.

If you would like help relating to keeping your information secure, we are definitely happy to be of service. Get in touch to book your first consultation.

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