As a personal customer, you will likely be mostly concerned with the privacy of your information, including files stored on your devices, records of online conversations and the confidentiality of your online activity.

As a guide, the elements of our services that are likely going to be of most benefit to you are:


For enterprise customers, the main concern is business continuity and ensuring that cyber threats cannot prevent you from serving your clients, while at the same time upholding your obligations towards securing the data you hold on their behalf.

As well as the security services applicable to all computing systems, your kind of organisation is likely to benefit from Software Development to create custom information systems to exactly meet your needs. Considering your File Storage & Backup system is also essential for preventing data theft.


Most Common Threats

  • Malware & Ransomware
  • Direct and indirect attacks by botnets
  • State / ISP level surveillance
  • Casual snooping by opportunists
  • Targeted hacks for political or economic gain
  • Natural disasters and hardware failure

Operating Systems

Stop malicious actors in their tracks! We can install and harden operating systems including Linux that are proven to be more secure than Windows.

File Storage & Backup

The most effective way to prevent data being accessed by an attacker who has physically stolen or accessed a machine is Full Disk Encryption, which we always recommend along with other tools from your cryptographic toolkit.

Secure Communications

Don't make life easy for snoopers. Use end to end encryption to protect the confidentiality of your messages.

Internet Privacy

Your online life is nobodies business but your own. Keep it secure with our privacy assurance service.

Stop Ransomware

Ransomware and other malware can lock you out of your computer and make your files inaccessible. Prepare in advance to ensure a speedy recovery!

Complete and unconditional confidentiality.

We understand the nuances of dealing with sensitive information, and pledge never to share information about your data under any circumstances. If this is a concern for you or your business, let us know so that we can discuss your privacy requirements. We are always happy to create a plan to improve your computer systems without ever laying eyes on any personal data held on your machines. We will never record any information about you without your permission.


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