Your Operating System is perhaps the most important piece of software running on your computer. It manages all other resources on the machine including hardware, applications and networking. As such, it is essential to consider your choice of operating system when designing a security policy, as some systems are more secure than others.


The most common Operating Systems used by businesses are Microsoft Windows and Linux systems. Their choice to use the outdated Windows XP was why the NHS was vulnerable to the WannaCry attack in 2017, further underlining the importance of carefully selecting an Operating System.

When deciding which Operating Systems are best for your situation we have to take into account the kinds of tasks you need it for, the expected capabilities of attackers and the level of cost associated with a potential breach. After all, there is always a balance between security and convenience to consider.

Price: As well as our hourly fee you may need to purchase a license key depending on which Operating System you choose. The prices for these keys are as follows:

Operating SystemPrice set by manufacturer
Windows 10 (existing key)Free
Windows 10 Home£119.99
Windows 10 Pro£219.99

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